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Donations of Time, Talents, and Money

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir traces its beginnings to a small chorus that sang three weeks after the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. That small band of singers in the Rocky Mountains has now become a choir of 360 members that shares its musical message of hope and inspiration throughout the world each week through the miracle of radio, television, the Internet—and now social media channels as well.

What hasn’t changed through the years is that the Choir is composed entirely of volunteers who give of their time and talents because of their love for music and their love for God. Their service is given without any monetary compensation.  

Over the years, the Choir organization has grown to include the 150-member Orchestra at Temple Square, a companion volunteer ensemble whose stature and reputation has increased every year since it was formed; a 32-member volunteer hand bell choir called the Bells on Temple Square; and a training choir known as the Temple Square Chorale, which is in session about four months each year. To manage the growing needs of the Choir organization’s wardrobe, music library services, backstage support—and many other functions—there is a large group of hard-working volunteers providing support behind the scenes. 

Because the mission of the Choir is to serve as ambassadors of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with its music, the Choir strives to “lift the lives of people,” said Choir president Ron Jarrett. “We are there to touch their hearts and give them an experience with music that will brighten their day, lift their load, calm their anxieties. Whatever they personally need, we feel like the music can do that, and we want to be the vehicle to send that music to them.”

To accomplish this mission as musical ambassadors, all concerts the Choir performs on Temple Square are free to the public, including the immensely-popular Christmas concerts which draw tens of thousands of people each year. These concerts are then shared at no charge with PBS stations so that millions more can enjoy the show on television at Christmas time. The same is true for the Choir’s weekly radio and television broadcast Music & the Spoken Word which has been on the air since 1929. The longest continuous network radio program in history, it is offered as a public service without any charge to broadcasters. (An exception is the concerts given while on tour where tickets are sold and the proceeds used to offset the expenses of touring with a large performing group and support staff.) Sales of Choir products such as CDs, DVDs, and books also help fund Choir expenses such as wardrobe, music, and other performance-related expenses.

Over the years, followers of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and its companion organizations have expressed an interest in helping with the cost of this large volunteer effort. Such gifts have been gratefully received and well used. To make the process of donating to the Choir more accessible, a link can be accessed from the Choir’s home webpage (www.mormontabernaclechoir.org/) in the top right-hand corner. An on-line donation page for the Choir was set up through LDS Philanthropies so that those who wish to participate in this great effort may do so. On this donation page one-time donations can be made as well as recurring donations on a monthly or annual bass. Even a small monthly gift adds up over the years.  Donations can also be made in behalf of a loved one with a letter sent to the honoree telling of your gift.

Whether it be donations of time and talent from hundreds of volunteers, or donations of money from interested patrons, all these gifts assist in sharing with the world the wonderful musical endeavors of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir organization.