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From Bar Soap to the Choir

What do bar soap, dog food, banking and the Choir have in common?  Scott Barrick, General Manager of the Choir has worked with them all.  A marketing and Public Relations professional with a Harvard MBA, Barrick has been with the Choir since 2002; this will be his seventh major tour.

He sees a commonality with his previous employment and the Choir.  His expertise in product development helps him focus on the Choir’s music as its product.  “With the Choir, we match what people need, when they need it, at a time and place where they are ready to consume it.”  The Choir provides concerts, recordings, television specials and broadcasts, social media with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, apps, the Choir’s YouTube channel—and tours.

His favorite thing to do on tour is go out “and take a seat in the audience and watch the people around him.  You can see them engaging with the choir.  The music of the Choir will literally move them many times.  You will see tears streaming down their cheeks.  It’s different than weekly broadcasts; there is a different magic in those venues.”

When he isn’t listening to the choir in concert, he is on the phone or replying to emails.  It is not unusual to have 185 emails waiting for answers, direction, and comments.  He, like the other Choir executives, doesn’t sleep much on tour.  Days stretch to 16 and 18 hours.   

Listen to Barrick explain what he has learned on tour with the Choir.