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6 Funny Moments in the Choir’s History 

Music is serious business—and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s reputation as “America’s Choir” is a weighty responsibility. But every once in a while, the unexpected happens, and you can't help but smile about it. Here are some examples: 

Santino Fontana Takes a Selfie in the Conference Center

When Santino Fontana took the stage during the 2014 Pioneer Day Concert, he said, "This is a big first for me tonight. And it's going to be a night of firsts for all of us." Later, just before he performed the song "How to Handle a Woman," he revisited his previous statement: "I said this is a night of firsts. This really is. I have to take a selfie." With that, Fontana took out his smartphone, snapped a couple photos, and made history. Later, Fontana posted the photos to Twitter and Instagram.

Countdown with Sesame Street's Count von Count

Before the Sesame Street Muppets™ came to Utah for the 2014 Christmas concert, Sesame Street’s Count von Count came to visit the Salt Lake Tabernacle. The rest is history:

A Bird Gets Lost in the Tabernacle

Lesson learned: Don't leave the Tabernacle doors open. Read the full story here.

Mom Exercises to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Never let anyone tell you there isn’t enough time for exercise. This fan proves otherwise:

World Series Game Played Over the Speakers in Tabernacle During General Conference

Read the story of what happened when a station operator pulled the wrong switch during general conference in 1923.

Welsh Bass-Baritone Bryn Terfel’s Custom T-Shirt

Bryn Terfel showed off his custom t-shirt during a recording session for the album Homeward Bound.

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