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How Does the Choir Produce its World-Class Concerts on the Road?

Not everyone on tour stands on stage and sings with their hearts.  It takes experts behind the scenes to recreate the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s music magic that millions come to Temple Square to hear live.

Seasoned professionals and their experienced staffs travel with the Choir to create that world-class signature sound of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Ed Payne, producer of the Choir, and Bob Breitenbeker, production manager, are right at home in the Tabernacle and the Conference Center doing weekly Music & the Spoken Word plus special concerts.  But, when the Choir goes on the road, so do they.  And they send much of the equipment ahead on trucks.

Ed’s job is to produce the show and related filming, social media, and special projects like “Sing with the Choir.” Bob’s role is to get the show into the venue, set up, performed and off to the next location.  Their work is critical to the Choir’s performances.  The turn around is usually 19 hours for a show.  The two begin early and work late.  It’s not a vacation and they see mostly the sites behind stage.

The two have done their homework for the different halls and outdoor settings.  “Going on tour is probably the hardest thing I do all year,” explains Breitenbeker who has toured with the Choir since 2005. After 33 years of producing, Payne explains, “I still get goose bumps when I hear the Choir and see the audience respond so positively.  That makes it all worth it.”

Watch an interview with Ed Payne and Bob Breitenbeker describing what it takes to make concerts happen in far away places.