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New Piping Up Organ Concerts from Historic Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall organ has been called the “crowning jewel of the Assembly Hall.” Coming up is a rare opportunity to watch the Piping Up: Organ Concerts at Temple Square streamed from the historic Assembly Hall on November 16, 18, and 20.

Piping Up: Organ Concerts at Temple Square

This new tradition of streamed organ concert series began in June 2020 after the century-old daily Temple Square organ recitals had been brought to a temporary halt because of COVID-related health challenges associated with indoor performances. Now, through the use of modern technology, audiences around the globe have been able to enjoy watching and hearing the current and former Tabernacle and Temple Square organists perform every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The concerts take place without an audience and with full COVID-compliant precautions.

Piping Up: Organ Concerts at Temple Square

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Noon (mountain)
30-minute concerts each featuring a different organist

(On November 16, 18, and 20 streamed from the Assembly Hall)

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Other Organs Showcased during the Tabernacle Organ Renovation

When they began in June 2020, the Piping Up organ concerts were performed on the Tabernacle organ, one of the world’s most recognizable organs and an integral part of the signature sound of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. Because the Tabernacle organ has been undergoing needed maintenance work* in recent months, Piping Up audiences have been treated to concerts using two other world-class organs located on Temple Square—those in the Conference Center and now, the Assembly Hall. To read about all of the organs on Temple Square, check here. It is anticipated that the organ concerts will return to the Tabernacle in mid- to late-December.

About the Assembly Hall Organ 

The 1980 renovation of the historic Assembly Hall (built almost one hundred years earlier in 1882) provided an opportunity to install a new organ built by Robert L. Sipe, Inc. The Sipe organ is considered to reflect a “continuation of the same tonal concepts” that are the basis for the Tabernacle organ. While each instrument has its own personality, both are characterized by warmth and versatility. The organ contains 49 stops (65 ranks, with 3,489 individual pipes) in three manual divisions plus a complete, fully independent pedal division. The decorative carvings and millwork of the organ case representing Latter-day Saint culture and beliefs were executed by local carvers and woodworkers when the organ was built. For more details about the Assembly Hall and its organ, read here.

In Case You Missed Them

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*For organ enthusiasts: the maintenance includes the replacement of both the electronic control system (combination action/pre-set memories) as well as the stop actions. When the project is completed, the organ will have a greatly expanded internal memory as well as a number of new capabilities (including a piston sequencer).