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“Pipedreams” Radio Program Showcases Mormon Tabernacle Organists

Mozart called the pipe organ the "king of instruments." Little wonder then that for more than 30 years Minnesota Public Radio has broadcast an entire program, “Pipedreams,” focused on pipe organs and organ music.

The Sunday, August 16th episode of “Pipedreams” will feature a program titled “Salt Lake Celebration” showcasing community performances by the Mormon Tabernacle organists in recent years. The five Tabernacle organists—Richard Elliott, Clay Christiansen, Andrew Unsworth, Bonnie Goodliffe, and Linda Margetts— will be playing the new Michael Bigelow pipe organs at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral and St. Ambrose Catholic Church, and the grand pipe organ at The Cathedral of the Madeleine.

This special organ program on “Pipedreams” produced by Minnesota Public Radio airs locally on Classical 89/KBYU-FM this Sunday, August 16.  (In other areas, please check listings for “Pipedreams” on your local public radio station.) Click here for an archived version after the program airs. “Pipedreams” audio for mobile devices is available by clicking here

Host Michael Barone, at the helm of the program since it began in 1982, shares organ works and performances, talks with composers, organists, organ builders and restorers on his program.  The show features organs from around the world in a variety of settings including churches and cathedrals such as the three featured on this program, as well as concert halls, and even the “mighty Wurlitzers” of movie house fame.