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Piping Up! Organ Concerts Continue Every Wednesday

Last year, when the pandemic temporarily halted the century-long tradition of daily organ concerts—a beloved tradition for music lovers and visitors to Salt Lake City’s Temple Square—the Tabernacle and Temple Square organists proposed the start of a new organ tradition: streaming organ concerts on the Choir’s website and social media. 

Beginning Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the Piping Up! Concerts will become a permanent tradition for Temple Square.

PIPING UP! Organ Concerts at Temple Square
at Noon (Mountain time)
30-minute concerts each featuring a different organist

Piping Up! concerts are streamed on:
The Choir’s YouTube Channel
The Choir’s Facebook Page

In the planning stages last spring, the goals for the new tradition of organ concert streaming were simple. First: to allow the organists the opportunity to continue sharing their love of music and keep their world-class performance skills sharp. Second: to determine if there was an audience for this type of organ music experience.

The results of the organ concerts have been overwhelmingly positive. The Piping Up! concert streams have been viewed over 2,200,000 times since they began last June.

“The Piping Up! concerts are all about making connections at a time when so many people are starving for connections,” Tabernacle organist Richard Elliott explained. “The programs fill a need that is more than just a need for music—it is a need for beauty, humanity, encouragement, and comfort.”

Music lovers from around the world, some who have never had the opportunity to be on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, have been tuning in for concerts and making comments of gratitude for the music and the opportunity to participate.

“We have been greatly gratified to find there is a much larger audience than we anticipated,” commented Tabernacle organist Andrew Unsworth. “The concerts have provided a focus for the organists and given us the opportunity to review and refine our music repertoire.”

“The organ stream often draws viewers from literally all over the world, which has been both humbling and inspiring,” remarked Tabernacle organist Brian Mathias. “Sharing some of the organ’s great repertoire on Temple Square’s exceptional pipe organs in this new way has been a wonderful opportunity for us, and we are very excited to be able to continue Piping Up! into the future.”

The news of the permanent Wednesday, noon (mountain time zone) air time for the weekly concerts was shared by Luke Howard, Piping Up! announcer during the January 6 concert. The scheduled noon time (mountain time) for the concerts affords listeners around the world to access the stream at times convenient for them.

Piping Up! Information You’ll Want to Know!

Programs for each concert are available to download from the Piping Up! events page (

Piping Up! Concerts Continue to be Available on Demand
The weekly Wednesday organ streams, like those since the concerts’ inception in June, will be available for viewing on-demand following the stream. Previous concerts are found on the Choir’s YouTube channel and Facebook page with the name of the performing organist and their concert music repertoire listed. 

New: Request Organ Repertoire for a Future Concert Performance
Hearkening back to a Temple Square tradition from years ago, Piping Up! fans can now request repertoire for consideration for performance in a future concert. If you would like to submit a request, please click here to enter the title and composer of the organ piece. Periodic future Piping Up! concerts will include music requested from patrons.