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President Jarrett Looks Back at Tour

It’s one thing to sing in the Choir.  It’s another to be the president of the massive volunteer musical organization.  Ron Jarrett has done both.  He is the first choir president since pioneer times to also have been a singing member of the choir.

That’s why the recent Atlantic Coast tour was so interesting for him.  He remembered somewhat longingly the days of singing in the loft but acting in his new role he did a superb job of being the one to oversee the whole operation. He hosted events for dignitaries, encouraged musicians when the rain poured down, rode the bus, stood in line for breakfast, lunch and dinner, shook hands, talked with Choir and Orchestra members at every opportunity, and was the first to applaud for the outstanding performances. His wife Lucie who accompanied him did the same.

View his comments about the Atlantic Coast Tour recorded just before the final tour concert on July 6 in Boston at the Wang Theatre.