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Rolling on the Floor with the Puppeteers from Sesame Workshop®

This video will make your day! During the rehearsals of last year’s Christmas concert with Santino Fontana and the Muppets® from Sesame Street®, we captured area footage of the Sesame Street® puppeteers getting to different points under the stage by using what they refer to as “rollies.” Rollies are small round cushions with wheels that help them maneuver in small spaces.

Eric Jacobson, who plays Grover and Bert, said, “For me, I’m running from one side of the stage to the other, and I have less than two minutes to get to my next position and perform a different character. I run from doing Grover to doing Bert, and Jason [another puppeteer] has Bert ready for me, holding it sort of like a football for a handoff.”

While the puppeteers take turns discussing their humorous experiences with rolling around under the stage, Ryan Dillon, who plays Elmo, joked, “So basically it doesn’t take much to entertain us and humor us.” Watch this extraordinary video with a behind-the-scenes look at the Muppets® from Sesame Street® like you’ve never seen before.

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