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Find Out About The Tabernacle Choir’s New Logo!

What has changed? The Choir’s logo has changed—but not their longstanding tradition of performing inspirational music for audiences around the world.  

Building on the historical legacy of prior Choir logos that showed the iconic Salt Lake Tabernacle organ pipes, on April 23, 2020 The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square announced a new visual identity using a simplified organ pipe logo with a fresh, modern look.

The new logo conveys the shape and feeling of the organ pipes and relies on the vertical lines to represent the feeling of uplift and the rhythm of music while still resting on a clear and firm foundation. The curve of the organ pipe mouths is reminiscent of the domed shape of the Tabernacle. The text treatment of the Choir’s name highlights the familiar short name of The Tabernacle Choir while placing subtle emphasis on its Temple Square location as part of its full revised name adopted in October 2018.

Choir president Ron Jarrett said, “The new logo honors the visual heritage of the Choir and Orchestra with the simplified organ pipes. The curve of the organ pipe mouths recalls the domed roof of the Tabernacle and the strong vertical thrust of the pipes points us toward God. We love how this new look visually represents the work of the Choir and Orchestra to bring people closer to the divine through music.”

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square as always will continue providing music that, as former Choir advisor and Church president Gordon B. Hinckley noted, has the power to “touch the hearts of men and women everywhere and in all generations – to inspire and encourage, to sustain and lift, to comfort and bring peace.”