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Watch These Kids Sing, Dance, and Conduct along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Kids love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir—and we have proof! We’ve gathered some amazing videos of children singing, dancing, and even conducting along with America’s Choir. If your kids should happen to use their talents while the Choir sings during general conference or any other occasion, make sure to post your video and tag the Choir on social media.

Young Singer Is Determined to Hold the last Note

This is downright adorable!

Siblings dance to the Choir

Who's leading?

Toddler Gives Mack Wilberg a Run for His Money

Bravo! Amazing Job!

Conducting and Learning to Walk Go Hand in Hand

This little guy takes a few wobbly steps before conducting the Choir and returning to the safety of the couch.

Brothers Lead the Choir During Conference

In perhaps their first lesson in conducting, these brothers manage to catch on fast. If you stick around to the end you'll see the little guy get not one, but two books stuck to his foot. Impressive! 

This Little Boy Has the Emotion of the Song Perfected

While the Choir sings the hymn "Sabbath Day" this boy reverently leads them and even appears to bow his head for a prayer at what he thinks is the conclusion. Priceless!