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What’s New with The Tabernacle Choir

January 2016 Articles

Join Us For Messiah Events This March

What 2014 Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert sold out in seven minutes? What 1959 Choir recording was one of the most successful classical recordings of its time and became a benchmark for classical musical recordings? The answer to both questions is Handel’s Messiah. This musical masterpiece by George Frideric Handel, first performed in the spring of 1742, has become one of the world’s most beloved musical works.

Choir School Women Take Their First Tabernacle Tour

The audition process for becoming a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir includes multiple steps, and the final step consists of being invited to participate in a 16-week Choir School. Each year, hopefuls begin the fine-tuning process of twice-a-week Choir School after submitting a voice recording, auditioning in person, and taking a musical skills test. This year, 48 new singers started Choir School after the New Year and got their first taste of what it's like to be a part of the Choir as they were taken on a tour of the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

This Happened in 2015...

2015 was a landmark year for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir—it was a year so jam-packed with firsts and highlights that it was hard to keep up with it all. Because the Choir dates back to 1847, you might think they have seen it all. Surprisingly, they haven't—and that’s what makes life with America’s Choir so interesting. 

The Choir Loses a Friend: Former Tabernacle Organist Robert Cundick

On January 7, 2016 the Mormon Tabernacle Choir lost a wonderful friend, organist, and composer. Robert (Bob) Cundick passed away January 7, 2016, at the age of 89. He served as Tabernacle organist for nearly 27 years where from 1965 through 1991 he accompanied the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, played solos during Music & the Spoken Word, and performed hundreds of organ recitals and concerts.

The Benefits of Playing Music to Children at Bedtime

Putting children to bed can be challenging time for any parent. Every family is different—some cherish complete silence at a child’s bedtime, while others enjoy singing, storytelling, or playing music for children. Various arguments can certainly be made for the many methods of soothing an infant or child to sleep, but here are some of the benefits of playing music for infants and children before bed.

Starting the Year with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir School

The new year brings with it new beginnings, and this is particularly true for the 48 new singers who will participate in the 2016 Choir School which started this week.  The once-a-year Choir School which continues for sixteen weeks, is the last step in the application process for membership in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The process actually began six months earlier when applications to audition were accepted. A rigorous three-phase audition process followed that included a voice recording submission, a written musical skills test, and an in-person audition. Applicants who progressed through all three steps were then invited to attend the Choir School to fine tune their vocal and ensemble skills before being accepted into the Choir.

Former Tabernacle Organist Robert Cundick Passes Away

Former Tabernacle organist Robert (Bob) Cundick passed away January 7, 2016, at the age of 89. He served as Tabernacle organist for 27 years where from 1965 to 1991 he accompanied the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, played solos during Music & the Spoken Word, performed hundreds of organ recitals and concerts.

Watch the Singing With Angels Movie Trailer

In the spring of 2016 the first feature-length movie ever to feature the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be released in theaters. The movie, Singing With Angels, is produced by Candlelight Media and is inspired by true events. The film follows the journey of a woman who dreams of joining the 360-member Mormon Tabernacle Choir and draws strength from it through life's challenges.

Lloyd Newell Has Been at the Microphone for 25 Years!

Nearly every week for the past 25 years, Lloyd Newell has stood at the microphone and presented a message of inspiration to people in all corners of the world. The announcer for Music & the Spoken Word, the longest continuously running weekly network program in broadcast history, Newell welcomes listeners and viewers to the half-hour program as well as sharing a message—one that he usually writes himself.

The broadcast is a gift to people everywhere. The messages are filled with hope, universal principles, and good news. Newell reads all the time looking for stories, examples, hints, and commentary that will appeal to listeners and help them.

A former news anchor for CNN and WSEE-TV in Pennsylvania, Newell started out with the Choir broadcast as the interim announcer. After months of filling in, he was asked by LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley to serve on a permanent basis. November 29 marked 25 years serving in a position Newell never imagined would last a quarter of a century.

Newell, who is a volunteer in his post, as are the Choir members, is a professor at Brigham Young University. It’s his day job, but his heart is with the Choir. He tours with the Choir as well as serving as the announcer for the broadcast. He usually meets six weeks in advance with Mack Wilberg, music director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, to correlate the message of the Spoken Word with the music. Sometimes there is an obvious connection with the music; sometimes not. Whichever way it comes together, the program’s seamless presentation lifts the spirits of all who are listening.