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October 2018 Articles

The Phantom of the Opera Medley: GENTRI Featuring Richard Elliott

The Phantom of the Opera (Le Fantôme de l’Opéra), by French writer Gaston Leroux, was first published as a novel in 1910. It was based on the belief that the Palais Garnie opera house in Paris, France, was haunted by a ghost. Leroux was convinced that the Phantom was real and even includes research to prove the truth of the ghost in the prologue to his book—a claim which he upheld throughout his life, until his death in 1927.

How Do You Travel with a Large Choir on Short Notice?

With only a few weeks’ notice, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir had to quickly arrange for 215 singers plus staff to travel to Washington, DC to perform at the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration. Moving a group of this size is not a simple task and doing it on short notice made the task even more challenging. It was more than just singing at the inauguration—the Choir needed to make sure they would have airplane seats available at the right times, food to eat, hotel rooms to sleep in, buses to move the Choir around Washington, DC, as well as security clearances for all the participants.  It was a complex task, but one that Choir administrative manager Barry Anderson accepted and quickly got to work to accomplish. Two days after receiving the invitation, through many phone calls and emails, Anderson had all the key arrangements in place.

FAQ Tabernacle Organ

The 11,623-pipe organ in the Salt Lake Tabernacle is one of the world's most famous organs and an integral part of the signature sound of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. Here are some interesting facts about this amazing instrument:

General Conference Meme Collection—October 2018

Here is the complete collection of all ‪general conference images from October, 2018 in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The collection includes sharable images for hymns such as "I Believe in Christ," "Come, Come, Ye Saints," "Rejoice the Lord is King," "If I Listen with My Heart," and a hymn written by Russell M. Nelson titled "Our Prayer to Thee."

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Videos with Over 1 Million Views

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir now has 16 videos with at least 1 million views! Since joining YouTube in 2012, the Choir’s channel has snowballed and reached the 80 million overall views mark. Keep watching, sharing, liking, loving, and singing and dancing along with our videos. Here’s to many more millions of views and many millions of hearts touched by the message of the music.

15 YouTube Videos That Recently Surpassed 1 Million Views

In 2017, we wrote a blog post titled “Mormon Tabernacle Choir Videos with Over 1 Million Views.” At that time the Choir had 16 videos with at least 1 million YouTube views. At the time of this publication, there are now 43 videos on our channel with over 1 million views.