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2018 Tour Concert Tickets for Vancouver, B.C. Available May 11!

Tickets for the Saturday, June 30, concert in Vancouver, British Columbia, at The Orpheum will go on sale on Friday, May 11. It has been over 30 years since the Choir performed at The Orpheum, one of North America’s finest concert halls and a designated national Heritage Site of Canada. This will be the Choir’s third visit to Vancouver, having previously performed there in 1962 and 1986. During that 1986 visit, the Choir’s August 10 episode of Music & the Spoken Word was broadcast from The Orpheum.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Exciting New York City Arrival

Ahh, the Big Apple—glittering lights, enormous buildings, and millions of people. Well, add another 600 people to that number because the Choir, Orchestra, staff, and guests have descended upon “the city that never sleeps,” as it has been immortalized in the popular song “New York, New York.”

Saratoga Springs—a huge success, even at sound check!

They were pretty young to have a dream come true!  Eleven singers from four local high school choirs sang on stage with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the afternoon sound check at Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center July 29. They were joined on the risers with three of their school conductors.  Unanimously they beamed, “It was a chance of a lifetime!”

Choir sings at Woodstock

Duke Devlin has been at Bethel Woods since the Woodstock festival in 1969. The two share the same farmer’s fields. He was 26 when he hitchhiked with a friend from Texas to attend the three-day festival with 500,000 of his “friends.”  He planted his feet in the small farming community of New York and never left. He married, raised a family and today, at 72 with a flowing beard, he acts as the site interpreter for Bethel Woods sharing his personal experience at Woodstock. The field sits just next door to the sprawling outdoor amphitheater.

Choir Singing at Home in “Music for a Summer Evening”

Twelve days on tour and the Choir is still singing. Choir members don’t get much of a break when they get home with Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals, Sunday morning Music & the Spoken Word broadcast and then the Pioneer Concert featuring award-winning Broadway star Laura Osnes.  The concert, “Music for a Summer Evening” is July 17 and 18 at 8 p.m. at the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

As July 4th as it gets!

Flags flying.  Cannons blasting. Cadets marching. Fireworks. Drums and bugles, a crowd of more than 12,000.  And the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The Choir’s concert July 4, 2015 was an extravaganza of sounds and sights “Under the Stars” at the United States Military Academy best known as West Point.

President Packer Loved Hymns

Boyd K. Packer, president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Friday, July 3, 2015 at the age of 90.  Known for his teaching of doctrines of the Restoration, he was also an advocate for music and the arts. For more than half a century he has encouraged appreciation for music, in particular the singing of the hymns of the Restoration. “When music is reverently presented, it can be akin to revelation,” he taught.  “At times, I think, it cannot be separated from the voice of the Lord, the quiet, still voice of the Spirit.”

President Jarrett Looks Back at Tour

It’s one thing to sing in the Choir.  It’s another to be the president of the massive volunteer musical organization.  Ron Jarrett has done both.  He is the first choir president since pioneer times to also have been a singing member of the choir.

Choir Members Play “Name That Choir” in Boston

The Choir’s Atlantic Coast Tour in the summer of 2015 made its final stop in Boston, Massachusetts. The Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square performed for a full house at the historic Citi Wang Theatre. The concert included highlights such as associate music director Ryan Murphy’s childhood teachers cheering him on, Alex Boyé splitting his pants while doing a split, and Jane Clayson, guest conducting the finale.

European Concert VIP Receptions: Building Friendships

Twelve days into their tour of Europe, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square gave their fifth concert in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday, July 9, 2016, at the Jahrhunderthalle (“One Hundredth Anniversary Hall”) with yet another standing ovation from an enthusiastic audience. At each European concert the Choir has engaged audiences with its vast and varied repertoire sung entirely from memory and in different languages.

Choir and Orchestra Wrap Up 2016 European Tour

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square wrapped up their first European Tour in almost 20 years with sold out concerts and standing ovations from enthusiastic audiences. The Choir and Orchestra gave performances in Berlin, Nuremberg, and Frankfurt, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; Brussels, Belgium; and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. For 20 days, beginning June 27, the Choir and Orchestra members–all volunteers–gave up their summer vacations, left loved ones to share their music with European audiences.

"God Be with You Till We Meet Again" Sung in Dutch—Live from The Netherlands

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square performed the last concert of their 2016 European tour in Rotterdam, Netherlands, at De Doelen concert hall. The hall was originally built in 1934 but was destroyed in 1940 by the German bombardment of Rotterdam at the beginning of World War II. De Doelen was rebuilt in 1966, and additional halls were added in the 1990s.

Berkeley, CA added to 2018 Classic Coast Tour!

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square are pleased to announce the addition of a concert in Berkeley, California, on Saturday, June 23, 2018. This brings the total to six different cities on their 2018 Classic Coast Tour, which will take them to California, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada. The tour begins on Monday, June 18, and will conclude 16 days later on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

2016 Summer Tour Coverage Summary

The 2016 European Tour by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will live long in the hearts and memories of all those involved.  Thanks to a team of writers and photographers the 2016 tour will be one of the most chronicled tours in Choir history.  Coverage was provided by Choir and Orchestra members, volunteer Choir staff, Choir digital team members, LDS Church Public Affairs staff from Salt Lake City and Frankfurt, and reporters from the Church News/Deseret News and KSL-TV.  

Choir Makes History Again – 60 Years Later!

On Friday, July 15, 2016 at 6 a.m. the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square—in full concert attire—loaded buses outside their Paris hotel to travel to the Eiffel Tower. What made this morning so memorable was the chance to recreate the official 1955 Choir photograph on the same spot outside the Palais de Chaillot with the Eiffel Tower in the background from which the original picture was taken.  (Click here to see the original 1955 photo.)

Next Stop: Brussels Belgium

With previous concerts in Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; and Frankfurt, Germany, the Choir and Orchestra made their sixth stop in Brussels, Belgium, at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts. The concert hall opened in 1928 and is home to the National Orchestra of Belgium.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Inspires Concertgoers in Frankfurt Germany

As the Choir and Orchestra stepped off the tour buses at the Jahrhunderthalle convention center in Frankfurt, Germany, comments like, “This looks like Epcot Center,” or “It’s kind of like the Tabernacle” could be heard among the crowd in describing the dome-shaped building. The relatively quick bus ride was appreciated by the entire touring company, and everyone was rested and ready to give their all for the concert. 

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Visits Switzerland for the First Time in 25 Years

Zurich, Switzerland, was the fourth stop on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s 2016 European tour. The last time the Choir was in Zurich was 1991, when they performed at the same venue, Hallenstadion—a multipurpose venue that has played host to musical artists such as ABBA, the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, and, more recently, Adele, Imagine Dragons, and Ed Sheeran—even Justin Bieber will take his turn at Hallenstadion in November.

Response to European Tour Overwhelmingly Positive

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square returned home from a three-week European tour on July 16, 2016. It was their first visit to Europe in 18 years. Concerts were presented in seven cities: Berlin, Nuremberg, and Frankfurt, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; Brussels, Belgium; and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Although Choir and Orchestra members arrived home tired and a little road-weary, each would say that the trip was worth the months of preparation and practice.

Ron and Lucie Jarrett Reflect on “Coming Home”

A mission homecoming generally is held in the country you are from, not where you served. But for Ron and Lucie Jarrett, returning to Europe with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square proved to be a marvelous “coming home” of a different sort. 

A Musical Program of Faith and Devotion

When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir goes on tour, it showcases a broad range of musical styles and genres—literally, from Bach to Broadway. But on the Choir's 2016 tour of Central and Western Europe, the program is much more than just a pot-pourri collection of favorites. Mack Wilberg and Ryan Murphy have carefully crafted a unified program that demonstrates the Choir's remarkable versatility while also taking the audience on a musical journey of faith and devotion.

The Choir Performs in the City of Music—Vienna, Austria

It was like stepping back in time—history came to life as the buses pulled into Vienna—the City of Music, as it is known. Musikverein, also known as the “Great Hall,” is one of the first-rate concert halls in the world. At 161 feet long and 62 feet wide, it is smaller than the Salt Lake Tabernacle but similar in having a long design and natural acoustics. Musikverein was inaugurated on January 6, 1870, and has been the home of famous conductors, including Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler.  

Choir and Orchestra Perform in Historic Nuremberg Germany

Another concert, another round of standing ovations and encores! The second concert stop of the tour was at Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg, Germany—a place that played an important role during the Nazi Germany era. Nazi party conventions, which were known as the Nuremberg Rallies, took place on these grounds in the late 1920s and 1930s.

German Members Impressed President Monson with their Singing

In 1968 when Thomas S. Monson, then an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, first visited members of the Church in a small, second-story room of an old warehouse in Görlitz, East Germany [formerly known as the German Democratic Republic] he was deeply moved by the beautiful singing of church hymns and the spirit of the people he met.                            

Choir's Unique Welcome to Berlin in 1955

In post-war Germany in the 1950s, it was unprecedented to have permission to travel “through the Russian zone on a regular train” to Berlin with a group as large as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, " explained Justus Ernst. "After long hours or preparation, wondering, worrying and much praying, the world-famous Tabernacle Choir finally arrived in Berlin Monday evening, September 5, 1955... This was the largest group of foreigners ever to cross through this strip of communist-held territory except on military trains.” 

Multiple Benefits of Choir’s Tour Sound Checks

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square presented their fourth European concert in Zurich, Switzerland on Wednesday, July 6, 2016. This was the Choir’s first concert in Zurich since 1991–in the same venue where they performed 25 years ago—the Hallenstadion.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Donates Proceeds from Vienna Austria Concert to Charity

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square performed in the “Goldener Saal” (Golden Hall) of the famed Musikverein concert hall, on July 3, 2016. Since the 18th century,  Vienna has been a major city for the performing arts and is often referred to as “the capital of classical music.” The “Goldener Saal” of the Musikverein was completed in 1870 and Johannes Brahms was principal music conductor there (1873-75) and Gustav Mahler served as orchestra conductor (1898-1901).

The Choir and Orchestra Perform in Berlin, Germany for the First Time in 25 years!

For the first time since 1991—25 years—the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed in Berlin, Germany on Thursday, June  29, 2016. This concert--the first of the Choir’s seven city European concerts--had been eagerly anticipated since it i was announced late last summer. Those who attend the Choir’s 1991 Berlin concert still remember the excitement and thrill of seeing the Choir and a special historic event that occurred that same day.

Encores and Standing Ovations for a Thrilled Berlin Audience!

For the first time in 25 years, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir returned to Berlin, Germany. As the first stop on the 2016 European Tour, the Berliner Philharmonie Concert Hall was sold out and the audience was electric. Before the show began the crowd waited patiently in anticipation of the doors opening. When music director Mack Wilberg took the stage, they respectfully applauded and then quickly hushed and gave their complete attention to every note of the music. The first act was filled with classical pieces such as “Cum, Sancto Spiritu,” “Alleluia,” from Psalm 150, “Unfold, Ye Portals,” and more. The act finished with “Hymn of Praise” (“The Old Hundredth”). When the first act finished, the hall erupted with cheers and whistles.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour Documentary Wins an Award

During the Atlantic Coast tour in the summer of 2015, a KSL-TV camera crew followed the Choir’s every move. The KSL team, led by Ken Fall and Candice Madsen, filmed interviews, concert footage, behind-the-scenes footage, and all things Choir tour-related. Their work did not go unnoticed—“The Dream Tour: Behind the Scenes with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir” was just given a Gabriel Award for excellence in the Arts, National or Local Release Category.

Summer Rehearsal/Broadcast Schedule Changes Due to European Tour!

Mormon Tabernacle Choir President Ron Jarrett used these words when announcing the Choir’s Summer 2016 tour to Europe: “We are thrilled that for the first time in nearly two decades, international audiences will be able to enjoy the music of the Choir in person.” Tour dates extend from June 27 to July 16, 2016 with concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. (Tickets for these concerts are still available.)

Venues and Ticket Availability Announced for 2016 European Tour

Last July, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir announced that for the first time in nearly two decades both the Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will tour internationally, performing in seven European cities in June and July 2016.  The Choir has now named the venues where the performances will take place and the start of ticket sales in all seven venues.

Choir Members Play “Name That Choir” in Boston

The Choir’s Atlantic Coast Tour in the summer of 2015 made its final stop in Boston, Massachusetts. The Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square performed for a full house at the historic Wang Theatre at the Citi Performing Arts Center. The concert included highlights such as associate music director Ryan Murphy’s childhood teachers cheering him on, Alex Boyé splitting his pants while doing a split, and Jane Clayson guest conducting the finale.

Ryan Murphy Arranges Remarkable Reunion in Boston

Can you imagine inviting your elementary, middle school, and high school music teachers to attend a concert where you are conducting? That’s exactly what Ryan Murphy, associate music director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir did when he learned that all three teachers still lived within driving distance of Boston, location of the Choir’s final concert of its recently-concluded 2015 tour. Each one accepted his invitation without hesitation! “The fact that I felt comfortable calling them, knowing that they would still care, shows what kind of people they are,” Murphy commented in a group interview before the performance.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Announces 2016 European Tour

The time has finally come! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will be going on an international tour for the first time in 18 years as they visit eight European cities over 20 days from Monday, June 27, through Saturday, July 16, 2016. The Choir and Orchestra will kick off the tour with performances in Berlin and Nuremberg, Germany, before heading to Vienna, Austria, and Zurich, Switzerland. They will then head back to Germany for a concert in Frankfurt, followed by concerts in Brussels, Belgium, and Rotterdam, Netherlands, before concluding the tour in Paris, France. Venue and ticket information will be announced at a later date.

Watch “The Star Spangled Banner” from Yankee Stadium

It was a beautiful night for baseball in the Bronx. The New York Yankees were set to face the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was on hand to lead off. In the middle its Atlantic Coast tour, the Choir made an important stop at Yankee Stadium to perform a pre-game patriotic medley titled “Cohan’s Big Three,” which includes “Yankee Doodle Boy,” “Give My Regards to Broadway,” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” The medley was followed by a stirring performance of the national anthem.

Meet Zak—Choir’s #1 fan at Bethel Woods

Zak Breese, 26, had never seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live.  Until Bethel Woods.  “Awesome! Exciting!” were his words. He attended both the sound check in the afternoon and the concert in the evening and loved them both. He particularly enjoyed Mack Wilberg, Choir director, giving instructions to the singers.

What Makes Carnegie Hall So Special

Why is Carnegie Hall “the place” to perform?  Two words:  design and legacy.  According to the Carnegie Hall website (a resource worth visiting), “its remarkable architectural design and incredible legacy has made Carnegie Hall a national historic landmark and vital cultural center.”

A Dream Come True at Carnegie Hall

“Going to Carnegie Hall is a dream for all of us,” said Mormon Tabernacle Choir Director, Mack Wilberg in a recent interview with Heidi Swinton on the Mormon Channel. And he’s right: simply being on stage or in the audience of the world-renowned concert hall would be enough for most of us. 

7 Things Choir Members Do on the Tour Bus

Have you ever wondered what the members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir do when they’re on a tour bus for hours at a time? We talked to some Choir members to get their perspective, and some of the answers might surprise you. Click here for a glimpse into one of the Choir's 11 tour buses.

From Bar Soap to the Choir

What do bar soap, dog food, banking and the Choir have in common?  Scott Barrick, General Manager of the Choir has worked with them all.  A marketing and Public Relations professional with a Harvard MBA, Barrick has been with the Choir since 2002; this will be his seventh major tour.

Saratoga Springs Concert SOLD OUT!

How about this for the ultimate “spa” experience:  listening to a performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir while sitting under the stars and towering pines of New York’s Saratoga Spa State Park.  The Saratoga Springs area has the only active mineral geysers east of the Mississippi River and was highly regarded as a place of rejuvenation during the nineteenth century.  On June 27, the Choir and Orchestra hope to continue the tradition by presenting a refreshing mix of inspirational, folk, and Broadway music at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, often referred to as “SPAC.”

"An Angelic Chorus" in Shepherds Fields of Bethlehem

The Choir is familiar with traveling.  And being followed by cameras. Touring is a lot of standing, lining up, waiting, sitting, sleeping on buses, trains, planes and even floors and then the lights come up and the Choir sings.  Oh, how the Choir can sing. 

Spectacular Sound at Strathmore

This past March, Broadway star and previous guest artist of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Audra McDonald, set the stage for the choir’s upcoming concerts at the magnificent Strathmore Music Center in Bethesda, Maryland, by wowing fans with selections including I Could Have Danced All Night and Over the Rainbow.  On June 25, Audra’s friends in the Choir and Orchestra hope to do the same with their own mix of inspirational, classical, and Broadway tunes drawn from the “Great American Songbook.”

Choir Received Gold Medal in the Oval Office

Washington D.C. holds a special place in the Choir’s history.  The Choir made their first visit to the Nations capital in 1903 giving a concert for President William Howard Taft. Since that time the Choir has performed for presidential inaugurals and in special white House concerts. 

It Takes Planning to Make a “Splash” on Tour

It’s hard to move 600 people around every day on tour.  Just ask Barry Anderson, Administrative Manager of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  But, his philosophy in the process of planning tours is “to pick venues and go out and make a splash!”  And he makes it look easy.

Choir Orchestra off on Atlantic Coast tour

Every two years for almost two decades, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has toured performing in both international and national concert halls and outdoor theaters.  The Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will be performing five major concerts in Maryland, New York and Massachusetts including two programs in the famous Carnegie Hall.

Electronic Organ Time-lapse Video—Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour

How many people does it take to put an electronic organ together? What does it look like? For the Choir’s 2015 tour, a custom electronic organ was purchased so the organists can have a transportable instrument that emulates the sounds of some of the world’s most popular organs. The sounds are chosen by touchscreen computers that act as the stops on a traditional pipe organ do. Having this custom organ will allow the organists to have a uniform sound in each location. The volume will be controlled by the same soundboard that controls the microphones in order to create optimal blending with the 300-plus Choir singers and 68 Orchestra members.

Moving Luggage on Tour Is a Major Undertaking!

If 600 or so people are going on the Atlantic Coast tour of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, what does that say about how much luggage is going as well?  And instruments? And wardrobe containers? The task is then matching everyone up upon arrival with the right pieces.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Summer Tour 2015 Discounts

We hope you’ll come to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square this summer! The concerts will be amazing and the music will touch your heart! Alex Boyé will return as a guest soloist, singing some amazing spirituals. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, there are some really great discounts, so you, your family and friends can enjoy this unique experience. See the codes below and please feel free to share this on your social media accounts.

Music Still on Temple Square Even While Choir on Tour

Made summer plans to visit Temple Square and you just realized that the Choir and Orchestra will be gone on tour?  No worries!  While the Choir and Orchestra are touring the Atlantic coast from June 24 to July 7, distinctive music and programs will be still be available for visitors. Organ recitals will be daily at noon and at 2:00 p.m. in the Tabernacle through the summer months. Tabernacle Organ Recitals just received Trip Advisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” for having one of the highest ratings in their Attractions category. The Choir and the Tabernacle as a destination location also received “Certificates of Excellence.”

Choir Members on Tour Told to Polish Their Shoes and Be in by Midnight

The Choir has been taking tours for 130 years. The first was to American Fork, Utah, in 1880. In 1893, the Choir's first out-of-state tour was to the Chicago World’s Fair, where it placed second in a choral competition. In 1911, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed in New York City, where it will perform again this summer. The Choir has toured the United States, Canada, and much of the rest of the world, including Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Israel, and Australia, to name a few previous tour destination.

What Type of Songs Does the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Perform on Tour?

When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir hits the road, it’s a BIG deal! To move the Choir, Orchestra, and their equipment from place to place, it takes 11 buses, 3 airplanes, and 4 trucks. While many people are aware of “America’s Choir,” many are also in the dark as to what the Choir is all about. The 360-member, all-volunteer Choir dates back to 1847 and has since performed for numerous U.S. Presidents and World’s Fairs and toured Europe and the Middle East. The world-renowned Choir holds the record for the longest-running broadcast, Music & the Spoken Word, which began in 1929.

See the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Tour—Tickets Still Available!

11 buses, 3 airplanes, 5 cities—the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is going on tour again! In June and July 2015, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will tour the Atlantic Coast, with stops in Bethesda, MD; Bethel Woods, NY; Saratoga Springs, NY; New York City, NY; and Boston, MA. The Choir and Orchestra will be joined byYouTube star Alex Boyé, who will be featured as a soloist.

Alex Boyé Joins Choir for Atlantic Coast Tour

Think of it: the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing at Yankee Stadium and at Carnegie Hall. And now, the Choir is pleased to announce a guest performer will join them for their Atlantic Coast tour -- Alex Boyé. The tour will include stops in Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts from June 25 through July 6, 2015 and will feature the 360-voice world-renowned choir and 68 members of the Orchestra at Temple Square.

Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound…When Sung by Choir Fans

Fans of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are in for a huge treat next week during the American Choral Director’s Association (ACDA) Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. The Choir will have a special kiosk set up that will allow Choir fans registered for the ACDA conference to fulfill their lifelong dream of singing with the Choir. That’s right—you will have the opportunity to sing “Amazing Grace” along with a recording of the Choir while “standing in” with a backdrop of the Choir. The performance will be recorded and given to the participants who are brave enough to share their talent in front of the camera.

2001 Tour Quotes

In 2001 the Mormon Tabernacle Choir toured many states in the southern part of the United States. Tour stops included Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Miami, and more. The trip required the use of 3 chartered airplanes, 2 luggage trucks, 1 equipment truck, and 10 buses to transport members of the Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.

2013 Tour Videos

Did you miss the Choir’s 2013 tour to the upper Midwest? Here’s your chance to catch up on some of the action and excitement that happens when the Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square travel the country. Make sure to plan ahead when the Choir hits the road in 2015 for their Atlantic Coast Tour.

Watch What Happens When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir "Flash Mobs" Colonial Williamsburg [VIDEO]

During an eastern states tour on June 21, 2011, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir made a stop in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The Choir was scattered throughout the audience watching a patriotic program that was taking place outside of Raleigh Tavern. At a certain point in the program (approximately 3:26 into the video), a few members of the Choir started singing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” followed by more and more Choir members until all were singing in joyful harmony. A few minutes later (approximately 6:37 into the video), the audience was asked to sing “Yankee Doodle,” which the Choir participated in as well.

Choir on Tour Wall Of Sound

Mack Wilberg describes membership in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as being on a fast-moving train that never lets off its passengers.  Going on tour this week is the express train!

Tickets Still Available For Upper Midwest Tour

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is packing up its trucks with luggage for 600, orchestra instruments, risers, sound system and wardrobe for its upcoming tour of the Upper Midwest June 12-21, 2013. The Choir and Orchestra will follow by plane. If you live in or near Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee or Madison, Wisconsin or Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – you can still get tickets for these live concerts. Grab them now.

Get Tickets for Choir Tour Before They Are Gone!

‘Give,’ Said the Little Stream” is a beloved children’s song most everyone remembers from childhood and still can hum or sing today. This popular tune written by Fanny J. Crosby and included in hymnals of many faiths since the 1870s has been a reminder for more than a century to give to others-“Give, oh, give.” The song is included in the recently released Choir album Teach Me to Walk in the Light and Other Children’s Favorites and is now featured on a video on the Choir’s YouTube Channel.