Celebrating “Music and the Spoken Word:” 25 Years of Inspirational Words—Book on CD

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Celebrating Music and the Spoken Word: 25 Years of Inspirational Spoken Words, written and presented by Lloyd D. Newell

In homes around the world, Sunday morning is ushered in with the familiar strains of the world-renown Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the cornerstone of weekly broadcasts of Music and the Spoken Word for more than eight decades. And woven between the Choir’s glorious arrangements of music are powerful stories of faith, hope, and the strength of the human spirit. Now, these stories are presented in an inspiring collection of 52 audio recordings of the most beloved messages from original broadcasts narrated by Lloyd D. Newell over the past 25 years. The Spirit and messages of the spoken word will bring peace designed to uplift the heart and stir the soul.