"9/11 | Coming Together" 20th Anniversary Special


Piping Up: Organ Concerts at Temple Square | March 17, 2021

Tabernacle Organist: Richard Elliott


1. Sinfonia from Cantata 29, “We Thank Thee, God,” BWV 29 (Bach)

2. “Prelude on a Swedish Folksong (Värmeland, the Beautiful)” (Cundick)

3. “Come, Come Ye Saints” (arr. Elliott)

4. “Slane” (arr. Elliott)

5. Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn (Paine)

The new organ concert series, Piping Up: Organ Concerts at Temple Square, will stream at 12:00 p.m. (mountain) on Wednesdays. Each concert will feature a different Tabernacle or Temple Square organist. A PDF of the organ concert programs will be posted online on the organ concert event page for all patrons who are interested: tabchoir.org/pipingup

(Please note: this event is filmed without an audience.)

Noon organ recitals have been a tradition on Temple Square for more than a century. The current pandemic has halted this tradition temporarily, but now via the internet the noon organ recitals will resume without an audience but with full COVID-compliant precautions. The five accomplished Tabernacle and Temple Square organists Richard Elliott, Andrew Unsworth, Brian Mathias, Linda Margetts, and Joseph Peeples will be featured in a new concert series. The concerts will be presented each week on Wednesday at 12:00​ noon. (mountain).